Chains on shirtless ! ? WayV Ten’s “Paint Me Naked” photo is a hot topic!

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Ten is a member of NCT U, WayV, SuperM.

Ten is good at dancing and has a good reputation for beautiful performance.

The photos of Ten’s solo song “Paint Me Naked” has been released!

This is a photo of WayV Ten “Paint Me Naked” released on August 4th.

“Paint Me Naked” is Ten’s solo song released on August 10th as STATION.

Several photos have been released, and Ten wears chains on shirtless!

It was a outfit that suits only Ten.

Ten has a tight body and you can feel his daily efforts.

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WayV made a comeback in 2021 with “Kick Back”.

After that, Kun and Xiaojun made their unit debut and WayV members do individual activities.

I’m looking forward to Ten’s new song “Paint Me Naked” ♪