Introducing the profiles of NCT2020 Sungchan and Shotaro! Age, birthplace, hobbies, special skills, charm, personality, favorite food !!

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Quote from:VLIVE
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Large unit NCT belonging to SM Entertainment.

It was announced that NCT2020 will make a comeback on October 12th.

New members Shotaro and Sungchan were introduced on NCT2020’s V Live broadcast on September 23!

First is Sungchan.

Sungchan is a 20-year-old member born on September 14, 2001.

Sungchan is from Korea and his hobbies are soccer, games and he has a talent for rap.

He said that his favorite food was raw fish and he liked sushi.

His tall height, eyes, and clumsy personality are also attractive points!

Next is Shotaro’s profile.

Shotaro was born on November 25, 2000 and is a 21 year old member.

Shotaro is from Kanagawa, Japan, and he likes watching mukbang videos, playing basketball, and dancing.

He has a soft personality and said he likes sushi and sweets.

Shotaro’s attractive point was his eyes when he laughed, and he was cute !

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Both Sungchan and Shotaro were nervous about the first V Live.

Both of them have different charms and are looking forward to their success at NCT2020.

Please check out the future NCT2020 Sungchan and Shotaro ♪