What’s meaning of NCT127 “Ay-Yo” ? Taeyong’s spoiler is a hot topic! Is it related to “Resonance”?


NCT’s popular unit, NCT127.

In 2022, NCT127 made a comeback with “2 Baddies” and attracted attention for their powerful performance.

On January 30, 2023, it was announced that NCT127 will make a comeback with the repackaged album “Ay-Yo”!

This is a tweet of the comeback with the new album “Ay-Yo” posted on NCT127’s official Twitter.

The comeback of NCT127 has been announced for some time, but the title and comeback timing have not been decided.

The comeback of NCT127 has finally been officially announced.

In NCT127’s Instagram live broadcast on December 25th yesterday, there was a scene in which Taeyong said “Ay-Yo” !

Mark’s surprised reaction was funny when Taeyong said “Ay-Yo”.

“Ay-Yo” reminds me of Mark’s intro at NCT2020 “Resonance”!

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I don’t know if NCT2020 “Resonance” and “Ay-Yo” are involved, but it’s an interesting title.

I’m curious about the meaning of “Ay-Yo”😆

And the dance choreography for “Ay-Yo” was done by RIEHATA!

A little while ago, a photo of NCT127 (Irichil) and RIEHATA together was posted.

Please check out future posts about NCT127 “Ay-Yo” to see what kind of dance performance you can see ♪