SuperM Mark is red hair, Taeyong is blonde! The visual changes of SuperM members are a topic for the release of new songs !!

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Quote from:SuperM twitter
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Super M announced that it will release a new album “Super One” on September 25.

The fans around the world are pleased that SuperM will make a comeback in about a year.

Recently, various videos have been released for comeback.

In the video posted by SuperM on August 9th, the member’s hair was talked about!

SuperM members were all good looking.

Much attention was paid to Mark and Taeyong!

Mark had red hair, and Taeyong was blonde!

Mark used to hide his hair color on his previous birthday V Live, but he had red hair.

They had a flashy hair color, so I’m looking forward to the new song of SuperM.

The white outfits worn by the members were really cool.

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SuperM’s Mark and Taeyong surprised fans with the new hair color.

They had a flashy hair color, but it looked good on them.

Be sure to check out the new Super M songs that will be released in order♪