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NCT Jungwoo and WJSN Seola are similar! Co-starring at “Music Core” is a hot topic!

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WJSN made a comeback with the new song “Sequence”.

WJSN is a group that has won the “QUEENDOM” and is getting more and more attention.

In”Music Core”that was broadcast the other day, the co-starring of WJSN Seola and NCT 127 Jungwoo became a hot topic!

Jungwoo is a regular MC of “Music Core”.

During the comeback interview with WJSN, Jungwoo and Seola stood next to each other.

Jungwoo has been famous for being similar to WJSN Seola.

It was a surprising moment for fans to see Jungwoo and Seola co-star next to each other.

Their beautiful and cute faces look really similar, just like sister and brother!

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After that, Seola talked about her co-starring with Jungwoo on a radio show.

It seems that the members of WJSN think that Jungwoo and Seola are similar.

Both Jungwoo and Seola are good singers, so I’d like to see a collaboration performance someday ♪