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NCT127 Jaehyun turns into a pilot! His cosplay is too handsome! !

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All members are good looking KPOP idols, NCT127.

Recently, we are working on a comeback with the new song “Punch”.

It’s popular because it has won first place in each music program.

This time introduces the cosplay of NCT127 Jaehyun who is too handsome!

This is a picture of Jaehyun posted on Twitter of NCT127.

He cosplayed as a pilot’s uniform!

He is too good looking! !

The fans around the world were enthusiastic about Jaehyun’s handsome pilot.

Jaehyun’s MC transformed into a pilot was the best.

His gesture of the airplane was also cute.

Jaehyun’s cosplay in popular songs is a topic every time.

I’m looking forward to what kind of costume will appear next!

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NCT127, a cool KPOP idol.

Jaehyun, who plays an active role as MC, is also paying attention!

Please check it out!