TREASURE Jihoon presented underwear to NCT Sungchan! ? Let’s check the birthday present from Jihoon ♪


NCT Sungchan is popular.

Sungchan’s birthday is September 13th, and NCTzen from all over the world are celebrating his birthday.

In the instagram broadcasted by Sungchan to commemorate his birthday, the episode with TREASURE Jihoon became a hot topic!

This is the scene that became a hot topic.

Sungchan told us the birthday present he got from TREASURE Jihoon, who is the MC of Inkigayo with him!

Jihoon gave the tiger underwear to Sungchan !

Jihoon’s unique choice was wonderful 😆

NCTzen were laughing at Jihoon’s funny birthday present .

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In Inkigayo broadcast on September 12, Jihoon was celebrating Sungchan’s birthday.

Let’s check the MCs of Sungchan, Jihoon, and Yujin in next Inkigayo ♪