Too excited! ? NCT DREAM “Ridin ‘” MV reaction by NCT127! !

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NCT DREAM made a comeback with the new album Reload.

It has surpassed 500,000 copies from the reservation and is a group that is booming in popularity.

NCT 127 watched the MV of such NCT DREAM “Ridin ‘”!

Here is a reaction video of NCT127 posted on YouTube.

NCT127 is pretty to stick together tightly and to watch it!

The members were tension MAX from the beginning.

They were excited by the appearance of Jaemin.

It is true that this time Jaemin was insanely cool.

And they were even more excited about rust!

Dream’s sharp performance was goose bumps, wasn’t it?

Especially, Mark seemed to have a lot of fun because he had a strong feeling for DREAM.

Taeyong seemed to enjoy dancing together .

By the way, jungwoo of this time was also in great condition.

Renjun was called a baby lion, and he tried to make Yuta a lion again.

The reaction to the good friend Jaemin was also hot.

It was interesting to see Jungwoo as usual.

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Reaction video of NCT127 that the love for NCT DREAM was felt.

Following NCT DREAM, NCT127 will also make a comeback on May 19.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of song will come back after the blockbuster “Kick It”♪