Mark also joins!?NCT DREAM is in the new system!!


NCT consisting of many members.

NCT is spreading the circle of activities not only in Korea but all over the world.

Of the several NCT groups, NCT DREAM is the youngest member.

Mark, a member of the system of graduating after the age of 20, has graduated, and now NCT DREAM is working with six people.

It was announced that such NCT DREAM would be changed to a new system.


According to SM Entertainment, NCT DREAM will quit the system when it turns 20, and Mark will join us and continue his activities in the form of NCT U.

Mark is going back!

The six-part team was also lovely, but i wanted to see NCT DREAM with MARK, so it was good news.

NCT DREAM will release its new album Reload on April 29, and will continue to schedule it.

In addition, NCT DREAM members will join the NCT team in the future to show their global success.

The members as NCT DERAM were also nice, but I want to see the combination with other members.

I’m looking forward to the future of NCT DREAM♪