NCT127 Jaehyun’s kiss scene with Park Hyesu in the drama “Dear. M” has become a hot topic!


NCT127 Jaehyun is very popular.

Jaehyun is a handsome member with various charms such as sweet vocal.

The drama “Dear.M” starring Jaehyun has become a hot topic!

“Dear. M” is a drama starring Jaehyun that NCTzen have been paying attention to.

The love story between Kim Hyesu and Jaehyun made us excited just by the teaser.

The drama “Dear.M” started to be distributed on U-NEXT in Japan before Korea.

The kiss scene of Jaehyun and Kim Hyesu is especially talked about!

It was known that there was Jaehyun’s kiss scene in “Dear.M”, but the reactions of the fans who actually saw that their kiss scene are interesting.

On Twitter, “ジェのキスシーン” and “ハムハム” have become trends!

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of acting Jaehyun will see in the drama “Dear.M” ♪