What birthday gift did Yuta Oppa buy for Mark? NCT127 Mark’s Birthday V Live

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NCT127 Mark celebrated its birthday on August 2nd.

NCT members were celebrating Mark’s birthday.

This time, I would like to introduce the birthday presents Yuta bought for Mark!

This is NCT127 Mark birthday V live broadcast on August 2nd.

He interacted with many fans who celebrated his birthday.

Mark said he got a necklace from Yuta for his birthday present!

Mark went shopping with Yuta, and Yuta bought necklace for Mark although the price of it was high.

Mark was happy to show us the necklace that Yuta bought.

It looks like there was Yuta next to Mark.

It was interesting that Mark rephrased “Yuta Hyung” as “Yuta Oppa” .

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Birthday V live broadcast by NCT127 Mark.

Mark taught us a lot of things.

It was a fun V-live showing us the birthday present from Yuta.

We will continue to support Mark that continues to play an active role as NCT♪