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aespa’s official penlight(fanlight) is so cute! Emblem items are wonderful ♪

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aespa belonging to SM Entertainment.

aespa has released many songs such as “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, and “Savage” , and they are so popular.

The official penlight(fanlight) of aespa has been released!

This is the announcement of the official penlight(fanlight) of aespa posted on the official Twitter of SMTOWN & STORE.

The other day, the silhouette of aespa’s official penlight(fanlight) was released, and its design was drawing attention.

There were fans who made various predictions about aespa’s penlight, and it was interesting to think about it.

The design of aespa’s official penlight(fanlight) finally released this time was simple and cute!

The letters “aespa” were designed inside the light.

Moreover, the “aespa” part in the penlight is designed so that it can be changed to an emblem for each aespa member!

It’s a great idea about penlight, and it would be fun to change it to the emblem 😆

I want to see aespa’s penlights shining brightly at future concerts ♪