Actually a fishing master? NCT127 Members laugh at Yuta’s way of fishing! !

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NCT 127 is a group of members with various personalities.

I will come back soon with the new song “Punch”.

Such NCT127’s ❮ Late Night Punch Punch Show ❯ Episode 2 has been released!

The first episode was also very popular ❮ Late Night Punch Punch Show ❯.

The second episode guest was Yuta.

Yuta was introduced as a fishing expert.

But Yuta’s way of fishing was unique.

Dive into the sea and have an elbow between the eyebrows of the fish .

In fact, Taeyong played the role of Nimo and reproduced Yuta’s elbow.

The members were also laughing at Yuta’s talk!


≪Late Night Punch Punch Show❯ of NCT127, which caused a big laugh.

I was surprised how Yuta fished.

Please check it out!