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Yuta turns black hair! Makes okonomiyaki with Jaehyun! NCT127 Jaehyun and Yuta’s V Live! !

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NCT127 Yuta was born in Osaka, Japan.

Yuta’s Kansai dialect is also popular.

Such NCT127 Yuta made Okonomiyaki at V-live with Jaehyun!

At this V-live, you can see Yuta cooking.

Yuta, who cooks, was so cool!

The delicious okonomiyaki is ready.

Jaehyun also tried hard to make Okonomiyaki, emulating Yuta.

Jaehyun was cute like Yuta’s younger brother!

By the way, Yuta’s hair changed black hair during this V-live.

The hair color this time looked great with Yuta!

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NCT127 Jaehyun and Yuta’s V live.

When you look at two people, you feel happy.

I want NCT127 to broadcast more.

Please check it out!