NCT2020 「RESONANCE」 MV was released! The mix of 「Make A Wish」, 「90s Love」, 「Work It」 and 「Raise The Roof」 is amazing !!

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NCT 2020 formed by NCT 127, NCT DREAM, WayV, and new members Sungchan and Shotaro.

Sales of the “RESONANCE” series album have achieved a million seller and have become a hot topic.

NCT 2020 has released the MV of the new song “RESONANCE”!

This is the MV of NCT 2020 “RESONANCE” released on December 4th.

The MV was released later than planned, but it was an high quality MV.

In addition to “Make A Wish”, “90’s Love” and “Work It” , “Raise The Roof” were mixed!

Starting with Mark’s English , next “Make A Wish” started.

After “Make A Wish”, NCT2020 performed “Raise The Roof”.

Next, connect to Sungchan’s rap part of “90’s Love”.

After “90’s Love”, Lucas, Johnny, Yuta, Xiaojun, and Ten performed in order as the center.

Next, connect to Jungwoo’s part of “Work It”.

Mark after “Work It” was cool!

Ten’s performance was also beautiful.

After that, it will lead to the climax part of “Make A Wish” again.

I got goose bumps when Doyoung’s vocals overlapped with Taeil’s vocals!

The climax centered on the last Jeno and Jaehyun, was powerful.

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NCT 2020 “RESONANCE” finally released.

It was a song like the culmination of NCT 2020, and it was a magnificent MV.

“RESONANCE” will premiere at MAMA 2020, which will air on December 6th.

I’m looking forward to what kind of performance it will be!

Please check it out ♪