BTS? TXT? What will happen 7 days later? What is the meaning of “D-7”?


Big Hit Entertainment to which BTS and TXT belong.

The two groups are very popular groups around the world.

BigHit entertainment itself is receiving attention from the world.

The BigHit Entertainment’s official Twitter has posted an interesting post!

This is the image posted on Twitter on BigHit Entertainment at midnight May 17th.

It was written as “D-7” .

The fans who saw this post were wondering if it was BTS, TXT, or what would happen 7 days later.

TXT’s comeback is May 18, so it’s not seven days later.

Maybe BTS does something!


Big Hit Entertainment that posted “D-7”.

I’m wondering if it’s BTS or TXT!

I’m waiting for 7 days in the future ♪