BTS 95z (Jimin & V) graduated from Global Cyber University! They received the President’s Award and became a hot topic!

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Jimin and V who are active in BTS.

Two people of the same age who were born in 1995 are called by ARMY under the nickname “95z”.

Global Cyber University held a ceremony for their 2020 graduates, which include Jimin and V!

Jimin and V graduated from Global Cyber ​​University in August 2020, and it seems that a ceremony for their 2020 graduates was held today (March 4th)!

BTS Jungkook is also enrolled in the same university.

In addition, Jimin and V have even won the “President’s Award”, which surprised their fans.

While BTS members are busy with idol activities, they are doing their studies well, and are amazing!

To celebrate 95z’s college graduation, hashtags related to Jimin and V, such as “#CongratulationsTaehyung” and “#ProudOfYouJimin”, are trending.

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According to what was reported in July 2020, Jimin and V seemed to go on to Hanyang Cyber University for their master degree after graduating from university.

Their motivated attitude to study is wonderful!

I think it is difficult to balance BTS activities and academics, but I hope them will do their best to graduate from graduate school ♪