5 Niki VS 5 years old Niki! What is ENHYPEN Sunoo’s choice?


ENHYPEN debuted from the popular audition program I-LAND.

ENHYPEN won the rookie award in 2020 and is an idol who is expected to play an active role in the future.

ENHYPEN interact with their fans on Twitter and V Live every day.

ENHYPEN Sunoo, Jay and Jake held a mention party on March 2nd!

At first, Jay and Sunoo started, but Jay left in the middle, and Jake joined instead.

Jake answered not only in Korean but also in English and interacted with global fans.

Jake used emoji and it was a cute reply 😆

Sunoo also made cute replies.

In response to the question “Sunoo, were you happy today?”, Sunoo said “Very, very, very, very happy” .

Also, there was the question about Niki !

In response to the question “5 Niki VS 5 years old Niki”, Sunoo is ” 5 years old Niki . He’s still cute, and if he was 5 years old I think he’s more cute “.

Sunoo and Niki are nicknamed “Sunki” and are popular among fans.

From this question, I could feel the feeling from Sunoo to Niki.

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By the way, the 24th of every month is called Sunki Day, and when ENHYPEN was just debuted, commemorative photos of Niki and Sunoo was posted.

But recently, the photos of Sunki haven’t been posted even on the 24th, so fans are disappointed 😢

I’m looking forward to the future posts of Sunki ♪