What’s meaning of ENHYPEN “Bite Me” ? Related to vampires? MV teaser released!


ENHYPEN belongs to HYBE.

ENHYPEN is planning to make a comeback with the new album “DARK BLOOD”, and photos and videos have been posted one after another.

On May 19th, the music video teaser for ENHYPEN’s new song “Bite Me” was released!

This is the MV teaser for ENHYPEN “Bite Me” released on YouTube.

As for “DARK BLOOD”, various photos have been released so far, and the concept has been attracting attention.

The expectations for the title song “Bite Me” were also high.

The MV teaser for “Bite Me” released this time started with Sung Hoon.

ENHYPEN members appeared one after another, and they were so cool😆

“Bite Me” is also words that leads to the vampire concept that ENHYPEN has continued since their debut.

Don’t miss the full MV release of ENHYPEN “Bite Me” to see what kind of new song it is♪