ENHYPEN Jungwon uses Nivea’s lip balm! ? Yakult is cute ! Check the birthday V Live♪

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Jungwon, the leader of ENHYPEN.

Yesterday, February 9th was Jungwon’s birthday, and fans all over the world were celebrating.

In commemoration of his birthday, Jungwon broadcasted V Live!

This is Jungwon’s birthday V Live.

The room was decorated in blue and the heart was cute.

There were a lot of Yakults, and it was a cute birthday V Live.

It seemed lonely for Jungwon to broadcast by himself, but Heeseung and Jake participated a little on the way, and I felt the bond of ENHYPEN.

Fans are talking about the lip balm used by Jungwon!

At V Live, fans commented “IKEA” about the location of the two-shot photo with Jungwon posted by Jay, but Jungwon seems to have misunderstood that it was Nivea.

It seems that Jungwon is using NIVEA’s cherry lip balm, and fans are buying the same lip balm as Jungwon.

It’s a cute lip balm that’s perfect for Jungwon, and it’s also popular among women.

There are lots of other things to see, so let’s check out Jungwon’s birthday V Live ♪