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ENHYPEN Jake has blonde hair and Heeseung has red hair! Their hair color change is a hot topic!

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ENHYPEN debuted from the audition program “I-LAND”.

ENHYPEN became a popular group all over the world.

The hair color of ENHYPEN’s Jake and Heeseung has become a hot topic!

First, this is a photo of Jake posted on the official Instagram of ENHYPEN.

Jake’s hair became blonde !

Until now, Jake had been active with black hair and brown hair, so I was surprised to change his hair color to blonde.

Jake is like a prince, and the blonde looks really good on Jake 😆

Next, this is a photo of Heeseung posted on ENHYPEN’s official Instagram.

Heeseung’s hair color was red!

He had a different hair color than Jake.

Not only Jake and Heeseung, but other ENHYPEN members changed their hair color.

Sung Hoon is also blonde, and I’m interested in ENHYPEN’s future activities!

Maybe it’s a hair color change for ENHYPEN’s comeback.

Let’s check the future activities of ENHYPEN ♪