Sunoo was a hot topic! Covered BTS “FAKE LOVE” on I-LAND !!

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Big Hit Entertainment to which BTS and TXT belong.

The audition program I-LAND held by BigHit Entertainment has been getting excited recently.

BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” cover stage was unveiled at I-LAND on August 21!

I-LAND [Full Ver.] BTS TEST_김선우, 박성훈, 이희승, 타키 ♬FAKE LOVE 200821 EP.8

This is the cover stage of BTS “FAKE LOVE” on I-LAND.

Sunoo, Taki, SungHoon and Heeseung covered “FAKE LOVE”.

The members were all very talented!

I was worried about the youngest Taki, but the atmosphere of “FAKE LOVE” was perfect.

Above all, Sunoo’s facial expressions was impressive!

Sunoo is always cute, but in this stage, the sad and sexy look was wonderful.

Sunghoon and Heeseung were also great performances.

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I-LAND where the wonderful stage is shown every time.

BTS cover songs were shown at this stage.

I am looking forward to the future stage of I-LAND!

Please check it out♪