ENHYPEN Niki & Sunoo’s eyebrow piercings and black hair are cool! Check the photos of Sunki ♪


ENHYPEN Niki and Sunoo are very popular all over the world.

Niki and Sunoo are nicknamed “Sunki” by fans.

In the photo posted on November 26th and 27th, Niki and Sunoo’s hair color and eyebrow piercings are talked about!

First, this is a photo of Sunoo posted on the official Instagram of ENHYPEN.

Sunoo is trying various hair colors such as white hair and pink hair every time, but this time he had black hair!

His face expression is so cool.

Furthermore, in this photo, Sunoo’s eyebrow piercing was also noticed!

Recently, many KPOP idols, including BTS Jungkook, also have eyebrow piercings stickers.

I think Sunoo’s eyebrow piercings are also stickers, and it looked good on Sunoo.

Next, this is a photo of Niki posted on ENHYPEN’s official Instagram.

Niki’s hair color was black as well as Sunoo.

Recently Niki had been active with blonde for a while, so his black hair is hot topic among ENGENE!

Niki’s hair is shorter, and so cool 😆

By the way, Niki also had eyebrow piercings like Sunoo.

I think Niki’s eyebrow piercings are also stickers.

It was a nice point for fans that Sunki have same hair color and eyebrow piercings.

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