The 24th of every month is “Sunki” DAY! ? ENHYPEN Sunoo and Niki’s good friend episode is a hot topic !!

Quote from:ENHYPEN twitter

ENHYPEN was born from the popular audition program I-LAND.

Seven members from I-LAND were selected by global voting.

An episode of ENHYPEN Sunoo and Niki’s good friendship is a hot topic !

Here is a picture of Sunoo and Niki posted on ENHYPEN’s official Twitter account on September 24th.

It was a cute photo of Sunoo and Niki wearing apples.

“Today is Sunoo and Niki’s Day 💕 We will commemorate with a photo on the 24th of every month 😻”

Sunoo’s birthday is June 24th (24), Niki’s birthday is December 9th (9), and it seems that September 24th is SunkiDAY’s birthday by combining the two birthdays !

I’m looking forward to the 24th of every month.

This post by Sunoo and Niki became a hot topic, and “Sunki” became a global trend!

ENHYPEN is very popular.

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Sunoo and Niki have been good friends since I-LAND.

I’m glad they made their debut as ENHYPEN together!

Please check ENHYPEN’s Twitter on the 24th of every month ♪