Jake’s lip ring is cool! The concept film of “DARK BLOOD” has been released!


ENHYPEN belongs to HYBE.

ENHYPEN will be making a comeback with the new album ‘DARK BLOOD’, and fans around the world are looking forward to it.

On May 4th, ENHYPEN’s “DARK BLOOD” concept film was released!

This is the ENHYPEN “DARK BLOOD” concept film released on YouTube.

“DARK BLOOD”, as the name suggests, is a concept related to blood, and the photos are wonderful.

Also some fans said to be related to vampires.

Jake’s visuals in the “DARK BLOOD” concept film released this time were incredible😆

Jake has rings on his lip.

Blonde hair suits Jake well !

Not only Jake but also other ENHYPEN members were so cool!

I’m looking forward to the title song of “DARK BLOOD”♪