ENHYPEN Jungwon becomes the special MC of Music Bank ! IVE Wonyoung and Jungwon are the same age!

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Music program “Music Bank” broadcast from Korea.

The current MCs of Music Bank are ENHYPEN Sung Hoon and IVE Won Young.

At the next Music Bank broadcast on February 4, it was announced that ENHYPEN Jungwon will be the MC instead of Sung Hoon!

These are photos of Sung Hoon at the last Music Bank.

The Hanbok outfit to commemorate the Lunar New Year was wonderful.

Sung Hoon has recently has gone through a surgery for rhinitis and needs some time to rest.

Twitter is full of tweets from fans wishing for Sung Hoon’s health.

Jungwon, who acts as MC instead of Sung Hoon, was born in 2004, the same as Wonyoung!

Let’s check out Jungwon MC’s success at Music Bank ♪