The heights of ENHYPEN Jungwon and IVE Wonyoung are a hot topic! Check the WonWon MC at Music Bank ♪


Korean music program “Music Bank”.

A lot of popular idols appear every week, and the high quality performance is wonderful.

The current MC of Music Bank is ENHYPEN Sung Hoon and IVE Won Young.

Jungwon acted as MC instead of Sung Hoon at the Music Bank broadcast on February 4th today!

This is the opening of Music Bank posted on YouTube.

Recently, Sung Hoon has gone surgery for rhinitis, so it seems he couldn’t appear in today’s Music Bank.

Jungwon, who acted for Sung Hoon, was cute MC.

Since Jungwon was decided as the special MC, the heights of Jungwon and Wonyoung has been a hot tpic among fans!

Wonyoung is over 170 cm tall, and is famous for her outstanding style.

Sung Hoon was clearly taller than Won Young, and many fans were interested in the heights difference between Jung Won and Won Young.

In Music Bank that was actually broadcast, Jungwon was taller than Wonyoung.

And, Jungwon and Wonyoung are the same age born in 2004!

WonWon MC was so cute that I couldn’t believe it was the first time.

I hope we can see Sung Hoon MC at next Music Bank ♪