The photos of ENHYPEN SungHoon, JUST B Geonu, and Jimin (JM) are hot topics! Their friendsip of I-LAND is wonderful !

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Popular audition program “I-LAND”.

ENHYPEN was debuted from “I-LAND”, and 7 members were selected.

Not only ENHYPEN members, but all the trainees who appeared in “I-LAND” were popular.

The photos of ENHYPEN Sung Hoon and JUST B Geonu & Jimin (JM) on the Music Bank were posted!

These are photos of ENHYPEN Sung Hoon, JUST B Geonu, and Jimin(JM) posted on JUST B’s official Twitter account.

Fans knew that JUST B would appear in today’s Music Bank, so fans were secretly expecting the photos of Sung Hoon, Geonu and Jimin(JM).

ENHYPEN and JUST B are in different groups, but I’m glad they all made their debut .

I felt their friendship even after their debut, and it was a moving post 😭

The performance of JUST B’s new song “Tick Tock”, which was shown on Music Bank, was really cool, so let’s check it out ♪