ENHYPEN Sung Hoon’s ideal type is Red Velvet Irene! ? Co-starring at Music Bank is a hot topic!


ENHYPEN Sung Hoon is popular all over the world.

Currently, Sung Hoon is the MC of Music Bank, and the MC with IVE Won Young is getting a lot of attention every time.

At the Music Bank broadcast on March 25th, the co-starring of ENHYPEN Sung Hoon and Red Velvet Irene became a hot topic!

This is a video of Music Bank posted on YouTube.

Irene used to be the MC of Music Bank with Park Bo-gum, so it’s a senior MC for Song Hoon and Won Young.

RedVelvet introduced the new song “Feel My Rhythm”, and Sung Hoon and Won Young were dancing together.

Many fans know Sung Hoon’s ideal type is Irene.

It turned out that Sung Hoon and Irene co-starred in Music Bank, and many fans were paying attention to their co-starring.

I don’t know how Sung Hoon felt about co-starring with Irene, but if he was still the fan of Irene, I’m sure he would have been so happy.

Be sure to check out the comeback stage of Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” that was performed at Music Bank ♪