ENHYPEN Sung Hoon interviewed TEMPEST Hanbin! Show off the debut stage on Music Bank!

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TEMPEST debuted from YUE HUA Entertainment.

TEMPEST has members who have appeared in Produce 101 Season 2 and I-LAND.

Today, TEMPEST appeared on the Music Bank broadcast on March 4th!

This is the debut interview at Music Bank posted on YouTube.

Currently, ENHYPEN Sung Hoon is the MC of Music Bank.

Among the fans, the exchange between Hanbin and Sung Hoon who appeared in I-LAND was drawing attention.

There was a scene where Hanbin and Sung Hoon looked at each other, and I felt their good friendship!

In addition, the scene after the interview was also recorded, and it was wonderful that Hanbin and Sung Hoon talked friendly😆

Actually, when Geonu and Jimin(JM) of JUST B appeared on Music Bank before, a photo with Sung Hoon was posted and became a hot topic.

Let’s check out Hanbin’s success in TEMPEST’s debut song “Bad News” that was performed at Music Bank ♪