NCT Sungchan and ENHYPEN Jungwon are friends! ? Interview on SBS Inkigayo is a hot topic!

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NCT Sungchan is very popular member.

Sungchan is currently the MC of SBS Inkigayo with IVE Yujin and TREASURE Jihoon.

NCT Sungchan and ENHYPEN Jungwon’s co-starring was a hot topic in the SBS Inkigayo broadcast on January 16th today!

This is NCT Sungchan and ENHYPEN Jungwon when they appeared in SBS Inkigayo.

Sungchan wore a ski outfit, and Jungwon wore a orange outfit.

The video has not been released yet, but Sungchan and Jungwon co-starred in a comeback interview of ENHYPEN’s new song “Blessed-Cursed”.

Jungwon looked at Sungchan and explained “Blessed-Cursed”, and I could feel their close relationship!

In fact, it is known that Jungwon was the same SM Entertainment trainee as Sungchan before becoming a BIGHIT trainee.

Although the groups are different, it’s moving that Sungchan and Jungwon were able to make their debut at NCT and ENHYPEN and co-star in Inkigayo 😆

I would like to see Jungwon and Sungchan co-star on stage someday ♪