aespa Ningning’s cute tattoos are a hot topic among fans!

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aespa debuted in 2020 from SM Entertainment.

In 2021, aespa made a big hit with “Next Level” and “Savage”, and the recently song “Dreams Come True” is also popular.

This time, I would like to introduce aespa Ningning’s tattoos!

Ningning is a member from China and is in charge of vocals at aespa.

Ningning is the youngest member (maknae) in aespa, her performance on stage is cool.

Little known until now, there seems to be a small tattoo on Ningning’s wrist!

I don’t know what the tattoo is, but it’s a cute tattoo.

Furthermore, according to her fans, there are letter tattoo on her elbow and another tattoo on her ear.

Let’s check out the photos of Ningning posted in the future ♪