aespa Karina&Giselle and ITZY Ryujin are friends! ? aespa and ITZY are the top candidates on Show Music Core!

Quote from:aespa twitter

aespa made a comeback with the new song “Savage”.

aespa’s “Next Level” was a big hit, and “Savage” also set a new record.

Today, in the Show Music Core broadcast on October 16th, the friendship of aespa Karina, Giselle and ITZY Ryujin became a hot topic!

This is the stage of aespa “Savage”, which was performed on Show Music Core.

“Savage” is very cool song, and aespa’s powerful performance is popular

The top candidates of Show Music Core this time were Red Velvet “Queendom”, aespa “Savage”, and ITZY “LOCO”.

It was a battle of three popular girl groups, no matter which group get No.1.

aespa “Savage” won the 1st place, and Karina thanked the staff and fans.

The encore stage of aespa “Savage” was attracted attention!

ITZY celebrated aespa while leaving the stage.

Ryujin went close to Karina and Giselle, and they seemed to know each other!

There was also a scene where Ryujin sang “Savage” a little, and it became a hot topic among KPOP fans.

It’s nice to see a wonderful friendship between popular SM and JYP idols 😆

I’m looking forward to seeing which group will win first place in future music programs.

I would like to see more of the friendship between aespa and ITZY ♪