ITZY new song “Not Shy” MV released! Focus on the lyrics that express the feelings of a girl !!

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Quote from:ITZY twitter
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ITZY belongs to JYP entertainment .

ITZY debuted in 2019 and won fans with a girl-crush appeal.

ITZY was back with a new song, “Not Shy”!

ITZY “Not Shy” M/V

This is the MV of ITZY “Not Shy” released on August 17th.

The teaser video was attracting attention to the ITZY members’ visuals.

In this new song “Not Shy” , ITZY challenged a love song for the first time.

“Wait? Why? Why are you waiting? I can’t say my feelings? Why?”

“My feelings are mine. Try saying, Cuz I’m not shy”

Looking at the lyrics, the feeling of a girl was expressed as the title indicated.

The ITZY concept remains the same, but it feels more powerful!

It was a song that seems to be exciting with a rhythm perfect for summer.

Also, in the MV of “Not Shy”, the ITZY members were wanted, and the car action was cool.

There was a cake inside the hidden box, and at the end they were eating it deliciously .

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ITZY finally made a comeback with the new song “Not Shy”.

It’s a cool song that is perfect for ITZY, and it seems to hit again.

Please pay attention to the performance of “Not Shy”♪