Also RedVelvet and Sunmi’s dance! ITZY’s random play dance is amazing!!

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ITZY made a comeback with the new song “Not Shy”.

ITZY’s powerful performance is a popular song.

ITZY has appeared on the popular Korean variety show “Weekly Idol”!

[주간아 미방] ITZY 랜덤플레이댄스 l EP.473

This is ITZY’s random play dance at “Weekly Idol”.

ITZY’s random play dance was perfect every time.

In addition to the ITZY song, Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi “Monster” and Sunmi “pporappippam” were dance covered in this random play dance!

Lia singing in the center without dancing was fun .

It was full of highlights such as point dance of “Monster” and duet dance of Chaeryeong and Yeji!

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ITZY appeared in “Weekly Idol”, and they enjoyed talking too.

ITZY is full of charm!

Please check it out♪