ITZY Ryujin danced NCT U “Make A Wish”! Her powerful dance is a hot topic!

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ITZY belongs to the same JYP Entertainment as TWICE.

Powerful performance is a popular.

This time, I would like to introduce the dance cover of NCT U “Make A Wish” posted by ITZY Ryujin!

This is Ryujin’s dance posted on ITZY’s official Instagram.

“Make A Wish” is a song that has been talked about cool dance breaks.

Ryujin perfectly covered the dance break and she was very cool !

The movement of her legs is amazing, and I’m sure NCT members will be surprised.

It was a cover video that clearly shows Ryujin’s good dance skills.

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You can see a lot of cool performances of Ryujin in ITZY’s latest song “Not Shy”.

The comeback activity on “Not Shy” has already ended.

I will also check the success of ITZY in the future ♪