A good friend photo of Kun and Jungwoo is a hot topic! NCT2020 Kun has released photos with Jungwoo and Taeyong !!

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NCT2020 will make a comeback from NCT2018 for the first time in about two years.

WayV members, Sungchan, and Shotaro participated in NCT2020 for the first time and are attracting attention.

Kun of NCT2020 posted a good friend photo with Jungwoo and Taeyong!

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🕰⌛️⏳ Resonance

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This is a photo posted on NCT2020 Kun’s Instagram.

Kun took pictures with Jungwoo and Taeyong.

Kun is usually active as Way V, and Jungwoo and Taeyeon are active as NCT 127, so it was a valuable photo.

Kun and Jungwoo spent a lot of their trainee days, so the photos they took after a long time were nice for the fans!

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A total of 23 people are in NCT2020.

A large unit that has never been seen before is hot topic.

Please check out the future activities of NCT2020 ♪

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