NCT127 Taeyong’s shoulder “RUDE BOY” tattoo is a hot topic! Cool dance video released!

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Taeyong, the leader of NCT 127.

Taeyong is a member of NCT U, NCT 127 and SuperM and has a busy schedule.

At NCT 127’s offline concert “NEO CITY: SEOUL – THE LINK” held the other day, Taeyong’s solo song “Moonlight” was sexy and cool.

Taeyong’s new tattoo on the “Moonlight” and in the recently released dance video is a hot topic!

This is a dance video posted on Taeyong’s Instagram.

There was Taeyong’s solo performance before NCT127 “Sticker” at the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

The choreography using the rope was cool according to the concept of “Sticker”.

In the dance video, Taeyong was dancing in sleeveless clothes.

Taeyong’s new tattoo on his shoulder has been a hot topic since “Moonlight”.

It was thought to be a fake tattoo for “Moonlight”, but also in this dance video, he had a tattoo, so it seems to be real tattoo.

The tattoo on Taeyong’s shoulder says “RUDE BOY” and the design is stylish 😆

Let’s check out Taeyong’s performance at the SMTOWN concert tomorrow, January 1, 2022 ♪