NCT127 Taeyong and Mark’s CANDY Challenge! Why is Taeyong’s pants getting so much attention?

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EXO Baekhyun made a solo comeback with the new song “CANDY”.

Baekhyun is a big success as EXO, solo and SuperM.

Recently, Baekhyun’s CANDY Challenge has become a hot topic.

Such CANDY Challenge Video posted by NCT127 Taeyong and Mark!

This is the CANDY Challenge video by Taeyong and Mark posted on the official Twitter of NCT127.

First, we started with Taeyong’s dance.

Taeyong’s dance was amazing!

After that, the screen changed and Taeyong and Mark were dancing together.

They both had a pop outfit and felt the atmosphere of CANDY.

Actually, in this video, Taeyong’s pants attracted attention!

Taeyong’s pants are tagged.

I don’t think he forgot, but the tags were cute.

Baekhyun, Taeyong and Mark are in the same group as SuperM, so I feel the bond of SuperM.

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The recently popular CANDY Challenge.

Other SuperM members such as EXO Kai, WayV Ten, and Lucas are also taking the CANDY challenge.

Please check it out!