Two-shot photos of Yuta and Shotaro are talked about! Pay attention to the bonds of NCT2020 Japanese members !!

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NCT2020 will make a comeback from NCT2018 for the first time in about two years.

NCT units are gathered together and consist of a total of 23 members.

The participation of new members Shotaro and Sungchan has become a hot topic.

Until now, Yuta was the only Japanese member in NCT, but with the participation of Shotaro, the compatibility of the two Japanese people is drawing attention.

This is the visual of Yuta and Shotaro released at “NCT 2020 Year Party”.

Yuta had a yellow-green hair, and his new hairstyle was cool.

The new member Shotaro, which was released for the first time, is already gaining popularity due to his cute looks.

As the same Japanese member, I was interested in the relationship between the two, and Yuta posted a two-shot photo of Yuta and Shotaro on the bubble of the Lysn app !

Yuta introduced to his fans that he had a new Japanese younger brother Shotaro.

It was a wonderful post where you can feel the bond between Japanese members.

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NCT2020 teaser images are being released one after another, and NCT2020’s V Live will be broadcast from 18:00 on September 23rd.

There seems to be an introduction of new members Shotaro and Sungchan!

Please check it out ♪