NCT127 Mark finally dresses up as Spiderman on Halloween 2021! The photo with Jaehyun as Vampire & Yuta as Kenshin is wonderful!

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Mark who is active in various units such as NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, SuperM.

Mark’s rap, dance and performance are very cool.

Mark dressed up as Spiderman at SMTOWN’s Halloween party (SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2021) held on October 31st today!

These are photos of NCT Mark’s Halloween costume posted on SMTOWN’s official Twitter account.

Mark dressed up as Spiderman!

Among fans, Mark has long been known for his love for Spiderman.

Many fans expected Mark to dress up as Spiderman on Halloween this year.

Finally, Mark’s Spiderman could be seen, and the wishes of the fans came true.

Mark wore a muscular costume and had a different charm from usual Mark 😆

Jaehyun dressed up as a vampire and Yuta dressed up as Kenshin Himura were also wonderful !

Let’s check out the costumes of other NCT members and SM idols ♪