Mark is the center! ? NCT2020 “RESONANCE” group photo released !!

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Quote from:NCT twitter
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NCT 2020 is working on the new album “RESONANCE Pt.2”.

TheMV of the title songs “90’s Love” and “Work It” have been released, and both songs are attracting attention from all over the world.

A new group photo of NCT 2020 “RESONANCE” has been released!

Here is a photo posted on NCT’s official Twitter account.

At the end of the MV of “Work It”, it was only the silhouette of NCT2020, but it was finally released!

There were 23 members of NCT2020, and it was a really cool group photo.

The center was Mark!

There was an atmosphere like NCT 2018 “Black on Black” released by NCT two years ago, so I’m interested in future activities.

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NCT won Album of the Year Daesang at AAA.

NCT will also appear at MAMA on December 6th, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance they will show!

We are paying attention to the future activities of NCT 2020 ♪