NCT127 Johnny posted a humorous photo on his birthday! Also a photo of the birthday cake!

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Johnny playing an active part on NCT127.

Johnny is from the United States, and the YouTube content Johnny ’s Communication Center (JCC) is also very popular.

His personality that always makes people around him smile is wonderful.

Today, February 9th is Johnny’s birthday!

Here is a photo posted on Johnny’s official Instagram.

There was a comment “thank you 🥳”, and some photos were posted.

In the photo, Johnny used his body to express the words “Thank You” and had a lot of humor.

It was a wonderful post that made us laugh !

Finally, there was a picture of his birthday cake, and Johnny’s happy smile was cute 😆

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NCT has many members born in February besides Johnny.

Doyoung, Jisung, Jungwoo, Jaehyun, Ten were born in February.

Please check out the next birthday event of Jaehyun on February 14th ♪

Happy Birthday Johnny 🎉