Jeno’s hair color is a topic! ? Red Velvet “Naughty” Challenge by NCT Jeno and Jaemin!

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SM entertainment to which many popular idols such as TVXQ, SHINee, EXO, RedVelvet, NCT belong.

The office is well-known for its high visual quality and high performance.

NCT DREAM Jeno and Jaemin dance cover Red Velvet IRENE & SEULGI’s “Naughty”!

This is the “Naughty” Challenge by Jeno and Jaemin posted on TikTok.

Similar to Irene and Seulgi’s costumes, Jeno and Jaemin were in black and white and had twin-like fashion!

The two people were cute after the dance .

Also, in this video, attention was paid to Jeno’s hair color!

Jeno wore a hat, but we could see Jeno’s hair color, which was dyed a red.

Because it had changed to a flashy hair color, it is said that Jeno may come back.

I’m looking forward to what happens.

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NCT DREAM Jeno and Jaemin’s “Naughty” challenge posted on TikTok.

The new hair color of Jeno was also attracting attention.

Please check it out♪