NCT2020 Yuta back hugs Lucas! What is the relationship between Yuta and Lucas?

Quote from:NCT twitter

NCT2020 made a comeback with the new album “NCT2020 RESONANCE Pt.1”.

There are various units in NCT2020, and they are promoting activities in “Make A Wish” and “From Home”.

NCT U “Make A Wish” won the 1st place for the second time in M ​​COUNTDOWN broadcast on October 22nd.

Introducing about Yuta and Lucas !

This is NCT2020 at M COUNTDOWN.

Yuta was back hugging Lucas while Taeyong commented !

Lucas was bigger than Yuta and Yuta looked cute.

Yuta and Lucas haven’t had much interaction with each other so far, so the two close friends were attracting attention.

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In this M COUNTDOWN, there was not only “Make A Wish” but also “From Home” stage.

NCT members were showing off the encore stage of “Make A Wish” together, and it was a fun encore!

Please check that out too ♪