WayV will make a comeback with “Kick Back”! A mysterious photo has been released and became a hot topic!

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WayV is an NCT unit that active mainly in China.

WayV members were also active in Korea as NCT2020 at the end of 2020.

WayV’s comeback has become a hot topic!

This is a photo posted on WayV’s official Twitter account on February 23rd.

It was a message as “Kick Back (Stranger Ver.)”.

Many roads were shown in the photo, centering on the letter “V”.

There were cars running on the road, and I could see various cities.

Fans are excited about what kind of message is included in this photo!

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WayV is becoming more and more popular, because they were active on NCT2020.

WayV won awards at 2020 MAMA and AAA, proving their popularity.

I’m looking forward to the comeback activity of the new song “Kick Back”!

Please check the information on WayV in the future ♪