NCT new unit is “NCT Hollywood” ! ? The news of NCT’s survival audition has become a hot topic!

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NCT is made up of 23 members, including NCT 127, NCT DREAM, WayV, and new members Shotaro and Sungchan.

In 2020, various activities attracted attention as NCT2020.

NCT’s new unit “NCT Hollywood” has become a hot topic!

According to media reports, a survival audition will be held in the United States, and the new unit name is “NCT Hollywood”.

It is said that it will recruit male candidates aged 13 to 25 and train in Korea.

It seems that SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo-man and NCT members will also participate in the guidance.

On Twitter, “NCT Hollywood” is already a trend !

I’m looking forward to NCT’s future activities ♪