Next to Lion is Tiger!? NCT127 Yuta transforms into tiger!Jungwoo looks happy!!

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NCT127’s good friend duo, Jungwoo and Yuta.

Jungwoo is always spoiled by a gentle Yuta!

There are two people with various episodes, but recently Lion is famous.

When Joungwoo says “lion” to Yuta, Yuta replies, “Gao”.

Yuta were in trouble with the persistent Jungwoo.

The next animal to replace such a lion is Tiger.

Joungwoo said, “Taiga~”Yuta said “Gau” and answered.

The lion was good, too, but yuta who became a tiger is pretty, too.

Yuta and Jungwoo’s collaboration is the strongest.

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Yuta and Jungwoo like brothers.

I want to see a lot of people who are good friends from now on.

I can’t wait to see the release of the new song Punch♪