NCT127 Yuta has a bird feather tattoo on his abdomen!? Photos of “Favorite” CATHARSIS has been released!

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NCT 127 will make a comeback with the repackage album “Favorite” on October 25th.

Following CLASSIC, the mood sampler of CATHARSIS was released.

Today, October 18th, Photos of NCT 127 Mark, Jungwoo, and Yuta of “Favorite” CATHARSIS have been released!

These are photos of Yuta posted on NCT 127’s official Twitter account.

Three photos were posted, and Yuta were handsome.

In the last photo, I could see the tattoo on Yuta’s abdomen!

Previously, Yuta’s butterfly tattoo was a hot topic among his fans.

This time, Yuta’s tattoo was designed like a bird’s feather, and it was very beautiful.

I’m wondering what Yuta’s feather tattoo means.

The photos of Mark and Jungwoo were also really cool, so let’s check them out ♪