Good friends! NCT127 Haechan holds EXO Baekhyun! !

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EXO and NCT127 are affiliated with SM Entertainment, one of the three largest offices in Korea.

Both groups are very popular all over the world!

EXO and NCT127 are not seen where we are together, but I will introduce the cute exchange between Baekhyun and Hechan.

Here is a video of NCT127 that was broadcast live on May 12.

NCT127 showed me how they was practicing for Beyond LIVE.

The usual NCT127 was seen, and it was a valuable video.

In it, EXO Baekhyun appeared.

Baekhyun was being held by Haechan.

Baekhyun was known to be on good terms with Taeyong and Mark, who worked together at SuperM, but i didn’t know he and Haechan were on good terms.

Baekhyun, loved a lot by juniors, is wonderful.

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NCT127 practice video that showed the exchange between the smiley EXO and NCT.

The movies of Baekhyun and Haechan were valuable.

I’m looking forward to beyond LIVE of NCT127♪